Under Armour the Underdog


Like discussed in previous posts, Under Armour is the underdog of the sporting good companies and brands out there today. Coming in as one of the newest brands to fight against top companies and well known brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, North Face and so many more that to survive the next 50 years they will need to be innovative, be on the top of their game and push the limits other brands aren’t willing to take a chance in doing.

The good news for Under Armour is: these are all things they have been doing since day 1. They come in and put up a fight against other top brands every day. They are competitive within this market and they are always finding new things to bring to the table. I think there are three main objectives Under Armour uses to do this.

First of all, the back story. Under Armour and “dri-fit” all became a thing because of one athlete getting frustrated with how his cotton t-shirt wore after being sweaty at practice. This did not start with a guy in an office trying to make a buck, it came from an athlete trying to make a difference for other athletes.

Secondly, the brand strategy of “Protect this House.” This competitiveness and passion really speaks to athletes, the main target audience for the products. Even if all the consumers are not currently athletes, they probably were at one time and they understand the disappointment in getting beat on your own turf or the excitement of doing it to your rival.

And finally as the scrappy brand coming into a battle they know they should loose and putting up a fight, Under Armour stands for everything an athlete wants to be. Overcoming obstacles, and saying “I will” to Nikes “Just do it.”

If they continue to do these things like they have been since the mid 1990s- they will be just fine.